12 Fun and Friendly Plants to Grow with Your Little Gardeners

I know many of you have children or grandchildren eager to help you in the garden. Introducing your toddlers to gardening is not just about teaching them where their food comes from—it's about fun!

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Here are 12 fantastic plants that are easy to grow, fun to harvest, and perfect for little gardeners.

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Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are perfect for little fingers to pick and eat directly from the vine. These plants are prolific producers, offering a steady supply of fruit throughout the growing season.

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Strawberries are a treat that can be enjoyed straight from the garden. These plants spread nicely and produce multiple berries per plant, giving children plenty of opportunities to harvest their own snacks.


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Growing carrots can be a suspenseful adventure for kids, as what’s happening below the soil remains a mystery until harvest day. Opt for a variety of colors to make each harvest a colorful surprise.

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Radishes are ideal for teaching quick results, sprouting from seed to harvest in as little as three to four weeks. They come in various shapes and colors, and their peppery taste can be a fun new flavor for kids to explore.

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Sunflowers are a giant delight in any garden. They can tower over children, making them a fascinating plant to observe as they grow taller each day.

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Snap peas are sweet and enjoyable to eat right from the plant. Their vines climb, making them an excellent choice for vertical gardening.

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Snap Peas

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