Easy Homemade Sourdough Discard Pretzel Bites Recipe

These soft and salty sourdough discard pretzel bites are made with simple ingredients and are delicious served up warm with your favorite cheese sauce.

Or try them sweet with an irresistible cinnamon sugar coating.


– sourdough discard – warm water – bread flour – all-purpose flour

Mix the warm water and brown sugar in the bowl of your stand mixer. Add the instant yeast on top and allow it to sit until foaming and bubbly, about 5 minutes.


Add both types of flour, salt, and the softened butter and mix using a dough hook on low speed until combined.


Add in the sourdough discard and mix on medium speed until fully incorporated and the dough is smooth.


Adjust the dough's consistency with additional flour or water if necessary, adding one Tablespoon at a time. Aim for a dough that is firm, smooth, and not sticky.


Perform the "window-pane test" to see if the dough is kneaded properly. Do this by stretching the dough gently.


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