Flaky Sourdough Pie Crust Recipe | Sweet or Savory

A flaky, buttery, perfect sourdough pie crust that melts in your mouth.

The added sourdough gives a tangy flavor to the crust that compliments and adds an old-world flare to any pie filling you pair it with.

– butter – all-purpose flour – salt – maple sugar


Start by grating 2 sticks of frozen butter into a large bowl. If using a combination of butter and lard: grate only 1 ½ sticks of butter and divide 8 tablespoons of lard into 4 chunks.

Next, measure or weigh the flour, maple sugar, and salt into the bowl with the grated butter and lard.

Using clean hands, mix the dry ingredients into the grated fat, resulting in a mixture of flour with pea-sized amounts of butter and lard evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

You will have to press the dough into itself to get two even-sized dough balls. But, not overworking it!

Place each ball into quart-sized Ziploc bags or wrap it in the piece of plastic wrap. Let all the air escape from the bag before zipping closed.

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